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Writer's Block: Groundhog Day

Did the groundhog see its shadow? What do you think?

I think YES because the weather has been quite warm back east in that area. Probably the sun was shining and so Phil saw his shadow

Writer's Block: Scary movie

What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

Japanese drama called 'Anata no Tonari ni Dareka ni dare ga iru'

English known as 'Somebody's Watching'

This is the scariest drama I have seen. The lead evil one is Kitamura Kazuki. He is so handsome really but in this role he is not afraid to be scarred up and he is so creepy and evil. It was, and I am sure still is, something to see.The story is so mysterious but truly it holds you.

Writer's Block: How could you?

Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?

Well at first response without thinking, most people would say 'No. this is the end of us'. Then when you begin to settle down in your heart and mind, you have to think about how you really feel about the person and also if you know who the other 'person' was. Makes a difference if you know them both and also how it happened. Then you must think what you really feel for your partner. Do you love him (or her). Are they necessary for your happiness. Would it be something that would be in the front of your thoughts every day thereafter. Personally I think it would be possible to forgive but harder to forget. The only way to get back together, or never even part, would be your own hard decision to talk it out and then never mention it again. This depends of course, on your partner being truly sorry and making the necessary changes to never deceive you in the future.

It can't be an on the spot emotional 'slam the door on it thing' Takes considering all of the effect on your whole situation at the time.


Dear Frank,
What a lovely cookie. I don't think I will demolish it. ? spray it and hang on tree is a good idea I think. Glad my two lines are goatworthy. Merry Christmas.

Writer's Block: Must see TV

If you were a TV producer, what would be the premise of your first TV series, and who would star in it?

Off the top of my head without much thinking..I would set it in a small town and have a battle between good and evil. I would have Johnny Depp as the publisher and printer of the town newspaper. Probably come out twice a week which leaves room for cliffhangers. He would definitely be the good side altho there would be times when he would seem to be the bad guy.
The bad guy would probably look like a harmless business fellow having to do with land and buildings. There would be an old church with history going back a few hundred years as a site, if not a church. Maybe Tom Hanks could be the business man, with a small family and a snooty wife.
Choir master would dwell near the church and have regular practice. He can be good and his younger choir members are all good and help in the finding out of strange things that happen after dark near the church.
There would have to be an underground secret place under the church. Must be something to do with treasure or ownership of the vacant land where the bad guy wants to build a large shoppping all or somesuch thing.
No on in town wants any more building or industry of course.
There will be an annural town Fete which will be a large affair on the site which is in dispute and where a small old stone hut has been in one corner for years and years.

Ok that is as far as I can think right now.


I have to say I do not like the Halloween celebration in US. I was shocked when I first bumped into this many years ago. Could not understand how a Holy Day in the Church could be the time for breaking into houses and trashing gardens and emptying garbage bins all over the place. In fact they called it Mischief Night I think. It never seemed fun to me and I always wondered what all the Souls were thinking as they gathered for All Hallows Eve.
We used to gather at our houses and do very mild things like 'Bob for apples' in a tub of water..and tell ghost stories to scare ourselves. All very simple but enjoyable.

I wonder who started the begging for candy idea. Must have been candy manufacturers don't you think.
Would you rather be pampered at a luxurious beachside resort or visit exotic cities and learn as much as possible about the local culture and people?

Please let me go to exotic places and see the people and learn the culture. Kyoto maybe or Kamakura or down in the Satsuma area.

Maybe Hangzhou and possiby Shanghai before it changes again.


Bike and Boy and Old Lady

What a nice surprise. Never thought of getting this bike. Don't know how to ride it and don't think I will try at this late stage. Maybe I will keep it on the patio. Maybe put a potted plant to keep it company.

anyway thank you so much.


Fave CD

One choice is too hard.
Male singer...Probably one of Dean Martin's conpilations. Easy music.

Female singer.. Sarah Vaughan singing anything

Group...Much harder to choose. finally..Freddie Mercury and Queen almost any album.

And for bonus

Piano Mary Lou williams.

Kimura in Oda Nobunaga

I am so new here. Not sure what I am doing but hoping I am doing something right!  This is an OLD brain working here and I could use some advice from MR BRAIN or a kind friend.

I am trying to find a download for ODA NOBUNAGA which Kimura san made a long time ago. I believe there is a version here with English subs. Not sure how to go about getting this.